Dynamic registration forms

Dynamic registration forms

Create various, dynamic, value-driven registration forms (if the field value is yes, another field will be displayed and if the value is no, the field will not appear, etc.) using our simple and intuitive registration form configurator. This is how you get all the necessary information from your participants.

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Some of the events running on the Inviton platform and organizers using our services - Ticket Sales, Visitor Registration, or Access Control:

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Inviton - a new platform for event organization where you can manage everything by yourself. Try it :-)

The basic features and services we provide

  • New event in 15 minutes
  • Sell ​​tickets online
  • Access control
  • Guests registration
  • On-site print
  • Graphic
  • Real-time reports
  • Dynamic registration forms
  • Discount codes
  • On-site ticket sales
  • Email invitations
  • Guestlist app

Inviton is a self-service online event management platform, where you can set up everything by yourself . Only the ticket fee or additional services are charged. You can also purchase the entire platform as a standalone license where you pay no ticketing or other fees.

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New event in 15 minutes

New event in 15 minutes Event management and ticket sales can be easier than ever before. Creating your own event, setting your ticket price and launching sales takes just a few minutes . You can test everything for free by clicking on the create event button.

Access control

Access control On event, you can check the tickets by your using our iOS / Android app. Multi-zone access control is supported as well, while you don't have to worry about losing connection - it works offline too. RFID tracking for visitors and a cashless credit system are available too. If needed, we also rent powerful ticket scanning hadrware .

Guests registration

Guests registration Register and manage guests on multiple devices in real time . Identification is possible by QR scanning or by quickly finding the visitor in the list. Mobile app is available for iOS / Android.

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