Tent inn GRAPE 2017

11. augusta 2017 12:00 Letisko Piešťany

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Cestuješ na GRAPE a chceš sa vyhnúť kilám navyše v batožine?

Unavuje ťa stavanie stanu?
Potom je Tent Inn perfektné riešenie práve pre teba!

V oplotenom a strazenom areali ta bude cakat postaveny stan pre 2 osoby v ňom 2 karimatky a na recepcii Vám budú k dispozícii za malý depozit aj dve deky.

areal bude strazeny, oploteny a bude mat recepciu ,ktora ta zobudi na zelanie  na tvoj oblubeny koncert.

Cena 35e za stan pre dve osoby na celý festival.

Z dôvodu veľkosti areálu je k dispozícii iba 300 stanov!


Are you travelling to the Grape Festival and wonder how you could avoid unnecessary weight in your baggage?

Are you tired of raising the tent?

Then Tenn Inn is the perfect solution!

In an enclosed and monitored area, you will find an already mounted tent for two, equipped with two sleeping pads. Two blankets are availble as well for small refundable deposit. These blankets are available on the reception office. 

The area will be monitored by security, enclosed with fences and have a reception, that will wake you up on demand, just in time for your favourite concert.

The price is 35 € per tent for two for the whole duration of the festival.

The capacity is limited to 300 tents only!